Placenta Services

 Placenta and Postpartum

complete placenta package- $250

  • 1 complimentary in-person consultation

  • pickup of your placenta at birth location

  • processing of placenta (capsules and tincture)

  • delivery of capsules and tincture back to your hospital room or home

  • phone and text support

postpartum doula services- $300 for 10 hours

  • personalized in-home care for you and your newborn

Every placenta I work with provides a different number of capsules. My most recent little placenta produced 109 pills which can provide a mama a smoother transition into new motherhood. A tiny portion was made into a tincture which mama can utilize all the way into menopause. If you’ve considered trying placenta encapsulation- send a DM and let’s chat! You’ll be glad you did! 💜

Benefits of Consuming Your Placenta

women who consume their placenta often report increased energy, and a more balanced emotional transition after birth. Consuming placenta capsules can aid in breast milk production and help ease the symptoms you may be experiencing as you make your transformation to motherhood (whether it’s your first or tenth child)! placenta capsules are also rich an iron, and can help replenish vital nutrients after you birth. they usually last from 4-6 weeks and can be consumed daily or as symptoms arise. the placenta tincture has a long shelf life and can be used during major life or emotional changes that you may reach as your motherhood journey progresses. Some common uses of placenta tincture include relieving symptoms as your menstrual cycle returns, the emotional and physical changes that occur when you wean from breastfeeding, and even as a hormonal support during menopause.